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18th Feb 2013
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Electroloy's new logo
Electroloy's new logo was launched on Jan 2013 which signifies our growth & transformation of the company since 1977.
18th Feb 2013
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Electroloy has embarked upon an expansion plan
Electroloy has embarked upon an expansion plan to increase our manufacturing activities by constructing a new building to house all our manufacturing facilities in Huizhou.
06th Feb 2013
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FCT Asia has appointed Electroloy Group to distribute its products,
FCT Assembly announces that FCT Asia has appointed Electroloy Group to distribute its products, including the Nihon Superior SN100C lead free solder, for sales in Hong Kong, China, Asia and Europe. SN100C is known as one of the most reliable lead free alloy in the industry with increasing numbers of leading manufacturers incorporating it into their processes in Japan, Asia, China, USA and Europe.

About Electroloy

Electroloy Group is a group of companies that develops, manufactures and supplies soldering solutions to electronic, semi-conductor as well as plating industries. Certified ISO 9001 and 14001, our high technology based equipment as well as our personalised services and knowledgeable staff ensures consistent high quality products and services for all your soldering needs.

We foster longstanding partnerships with our customers by providing good technical support and value-added services on product characterisations, reliability tests and other test services.

Electroloy Group is also committed to fulfilling its environmental responsibility to this fragile global habitat. As such, we work towards an environmental management system to reduce energy usage and wastage, encourage recycling and eliminate toxic substances in our products and processes. 

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