Our strong engineering knowledge and background in metal processing allows us to customize work processes to meet stringent in-house specification and to ensure consistent quality.

Electroloy’s anodes are process from virgin metal with high purity to ensure low sludging, greater plating process efficiency, less maintenance & lower energy consumption.


Our latest technology of ball injection has resulted in our achieving the anode balls of 10mm diameter.


  • More contact area
  • Greater current efficiency
  • More uniform current distribution
  • Better & more deposition of tin

Extruded anodes

Electroloy’s unique manufacturing process produces anodes of highest quality using virgin metal with high purity.


  • Low sludging
  • Fine & tighter crystalline structure
  • Uniform corrosion
  • Greater efficiency
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower energy consumption

Chrome anodes

Electroloy customizes hard chrome anodes of various shapes coupled with specially designed cooper hooks to suit your plating needs. Our anode length can range from 1 meter to 5 meters.


Tin Anode & High Purity Tin Anode

Pure Tin Code Purity % Melting Point (°C) Remarks Download
LF- 361A Sn99.9% 232 Lead (Pb) Max. 0.050%
LF- 362A Sn99.99% 232 Lead (Pb) Max. 0.005%


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