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Electroloy Group

Electroloy Group was established in Singapore on May 11, 1977, with the beginning of its first manufacturing plant, Electroloy Metal Pte Ltd. Electroloy grew rapidly as it receive recognition and acceptance as one of the  leading manufacturers in the soldering industry; additional manufacturing plants was set up in Malaysia ,  Suzhou China , Huizhou China and Noida India as part of the expansion plans.


In order to provide a comprehensive soldering solution mission, Electroloy embarked on product development and rigorous manufacturing operations, providing high-quality solder products to meet the changing needs and high-level needs of our customers. Coupled with the geographical traditions and diversified office staffing we have, Electroloy is confident that we will continue to provide our customers High-quality, innovative soldering solutions

In 2006, we worked with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research to establish a complete high-level comprehensive laboratory. Our R & D labs focus not only on chemical and metal alloy research, but also integrated testing services such as soldering sectioning, x-ray imaging, tensile testing and fatigue testing.

Electroloy prides itself as a "Total Soldering Solutions" company. We provide not just products and also aim to forge partnerships with our customers as we grow together with them. It is our goal to be the preferred solder supplier for the Electronics Industry 

Electroloy(Singapore Headquarters)

Electroloy(Johor Bahru , Malaysia

Electroloy (Huizhou, China)

Electroloy (Noida India)

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