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Value-added services

Electroloy offers a wide range of value-added services for your soldering needs
With our unique inspection equipment and our collaboration with government agencies, Electroloy is able to offer a wide range of technical services to analyze product characteristics from solder samples to solder alloys, as well as product and reliability testing.
Our value-added services give our customers the confidence in our products.

Solder characteristics
Mechanical and electrical characteristics
● Thermal properties
● Tension test
● Tensile test
● Climb test
● Hardness test
● Solid line and liquid line measurement
● CTE determination

Product and reliability testing

● Surface Insulation Resistance Test (SIR)
● Humidity deviation test
● cross-sectional inspection
● Component Rally Test

Customer Support

With our technical engineering team in Asia, we have the ability to provide on-site technical support in a timely manner for any product or job problem. Our customer support includes the following services:
● New product quality testing and evaluation
● Solder analysis for tin furnace maintenance
● Product related technical support
● Description of the temperature to optimize the job
● New product testing

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