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Wave solder which tin is better?

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Electronic manufacturers to buy a new wave soldering, whether lead-free process or lead process must use a relatively high purity tin, which is related to the quality of the product after the welding and the manufacturer of tin cost control. Because wave soldering tin furnace in the course of time will corrode into the components and wave soldering fixture in the copper and aluminum elements in the tin furnace. Such a long period of time these impurities in the proportion of tin furnace will be more and more so that the wave solder tin stiction will be more and more viscous.

One of the main causes for producing massive dross (semi-melted tsp pieces) is due to the greater viscous force of the molten solder in the molten state. Solder in normal working conditions will have a black powder state of tin powder. When the solder alloy in the molten state has a large viscous force, the tin slag is wrapped around the wave solder to form massive tin slag (rubbish tin pieces). This is why we separated most of our solder alloys when they were heated by massive tin dross. Similarly, in working condition, the stickiness of the solder is easy to produce sharp, bridged and other bad. This semi-financial status of the rubbish tin pieces of harm I think a lot of people who have used wave soldering should know that this is one of the largest wave soldering waste.

If we do not use the new wave soldering wave soldering the wave of solder, solder wave soldering furnace will soon be the same and in the state of aluminum and wave soldering to produce a large number of bean curd-like semi-melt tin blocks, Resulting in a great waste. At this moment, we can only reluctantly replace the entire tin.

First, if the lead process is used if the lead wave solder pot we have to choose authentic 63A solder (sn63 / pb37), 63A solder bar is a national A-class standards, high purity, less impurities, welding High mobility, high fluidity of the weld to prove that the low viscosity of tin, the new wave solder pot has some conservation and does not produce rubbish tin. But now the market quite a mixed bag, fakes too much, you want 63/37 tin, others give you 50/50 of goods, it seems the price accounted for a lot of cheap, but eat a lot of losses, As the saying goes, a penny, a sub-goods, so the choice of tin in the market at the same time, we should learn more, see, try to choose a big brand of products, there is a guarantee.

Second, if the use of lead-free solder wave solder furnace are now generally used more lead-free tin, its main ingredient is: sn99.3cu0.7, there are a lot of non-lead tin market, no lead tin A grade B, A grade pure tin manufacturing in Yunnan, B-class waste tin smelting manufacturing, most of the market to B-class lead-free tin-based, the main reason is cheaper. Green era brand lead-free tin mainly A-level play. The new wave soldering furnace, add A-level lead-free tin is the best choice, high purity, less impurities on the post-wave play a role in conservation, large soldering company wave soldering tin lead-free, tin through several Electrolysis, so less impurities.

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