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How to distinguish lead-free tin in silver and non-silver?

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Lead-free tin wire is generally divided into and tin copper wire, then how to distinguish between the two tin lines? Electrolla below teach you some silver tin lines distinguish tips.

Due to the action of silver metal, the silver-containing solder wire is stronger and stronger than the tin-lead-free solder wire, and the solder joint is stronger. Second, the conductive properties in the solder joints is also an important indicator, silver is a very conductive metal, so the silver-containing solder wire lead-free soldering tin-tin solder wire conductivity, thermal conductivity and so on are better. These properties are tin copper tin lead can not be exceeded.

Different costs:
Due to the high price of silver metal, silver-containing solder wire is more expensive than tin-copper lead-free tin wire. This is the biggest advantage of tin-copper tin-free solder wire. Containing silver tin in the silver content is higher, the more expensive the cost.

Solder luster different colors:
The luster of the solder joints affects the brightness and luster of the solder joints. As the silver metal is a dull metal, not shiny metal, so the solder joint luster of silver solder is not shiny, was dull. The tin-free tin-lead tin shine is showing a certain degree of brightness, look better look better. This is also one of the advantages of tin-lead-free solder wire, but the gloss of the solder joint does not represent the soldering performance of the solder joint itself.

Different melting point:
Due to the different metal alloys, so the melting point is different. The melting point of silver solder wire at: 217 degrees, while the tin-lead-free solder wire melting point at: 227 degrees. A difference of 10 degrees.
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