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What is the difference between solder paste and tin?

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Solder paste and tin products are solder products, the electronics industry is widely used. So what is the difference between solder paste and tin? The following Electroloy for everyone to summarize the difference between solder paste and tin line:

1, the morphological differences
Paste as the name suggests is a paste of tin products. The tin bars are a single metal bar.
2, the difference between the packaging
Paste packaging canned and cylinder equipment. Generally canned more, usually 500G / cans. Tin packaging for the box, usually 20KG / box. A box of tin has a number of similar quality of tin.
3, the use of the difference
Solder paste is mainly used in reflow soldering. Tin is mainly used in tin furnace and wave soldering.

4, the difference between the price
Paste the price of products by kilograms, then the price of tin than the more expensive.
5, the difference between the metal composition
Although a lot of metal components are common in tin pastes tin tin, but in the lead solder paste products, there is no low number of lead solder paste, are generally 6337 solder paste.

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