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How to choose a suitable solder paste?

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1, environmental protection
Environmental protection here refers to the ROSH standard, which is often said that the choice of lead and lead-free, or even the choice of halogen-free solder paste. Many export products, have to pass the ROSH standard, so in the choice of raw materials, we must meet this standard, or the product can not be exported to the target country. If there is such a demand, there is no consideration of solder paste. If you do not need to pass this standard, the choice is much larger.

2, the melting point
Solder paste melting point according to their different alloy composition, the difference is relatively far. Because some components need to be soldered can not withstand high temperatures, so you need to use some of the relatively low melting point solder paste, here said several relatively low melting point solder paste, lead-free solder paste temperature (138 ° C melting point) Lead-free solder paste temperature (melting point 172 ℃), a solder paste (melting point 183 ℃). Some products due to the need to work in high temperature environment, the melting point requires higher, here said several relatively high melting point solder paste, lead-free high temperature solder paste (melting point 217-227 ℃), high-lead solder paste (melting point 280 ℃ ).

3, particles
Solder paste is a granular paste of metal powder, the powder is divided into many kinds, the most commonly used is 3 # powder solder paste, the particle size of 25-45μm. 4 # powder 20-38μm, a minimum of 7 # powder 2-10μm. Smaller particles are more suitable for welding precision components, so that when welding precision components will not be connected with tin caused by the adverse phenomena. 7 # Paste Paste Paste mostly.

4, cleaning
According to the product (PCB) on the cleanliness of the requirements and post-weld cleaning process to choose different solder paste. Use no-clean process, to use halogen-free low and non-corrosive compounds of non-cleaning solder paste. Solvent cleaning process, to choose solvent cleaning type solder paste. Water cleaning process, to use water-soluble solder paste.

5, the price
Select the right product also need the right price, the same low price performance allows the production of products more advantages. In addition to the import tariffs on imported products and agents' own profits, the prices tend to be much more expensive than those of similar products domestically produced, and it is also easy to buy fake goods domestically produced. In the case of performance can be guaranteed, the use of imported products is not recommended. Domestic product quality is uneven, need to find some quality control more strict manufacturers to buy. Electrolux uses imported German production equipment, and careful screening raw tin powder for processing. Quality assurance, the price is fair in the industry, is the best choice.

6, service
The key to after-sales service, product problems, suppliers have a timely response. If the supplier did not respond in a timely manner is likely to delay production. Electrolux has a complete R & D technical team, according to different problems put forward different solutions. In the event of problems, to ensure that response within 24 hours and processing.

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