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Tin tin content is as high as possible? You walked into the wrong area!

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Solder products we use, solder tin content ranging from 15% -99.95%. So tin tin content is not the higher the better? Here we give an example:

We all know that the tin wire is divided into tin and lead-free tin two kinds of lines, but we have not noticed that we use the tin-lead is also the best of 63 degrees tin wire. In addition to this 63-degree tin line, the other tin line is a multiple of 5 degrees. Why 63 degrees tin line is not set to 65 degrees? Why there is no higher than 63 degrees tin lead it? For example, 70 degrees, 75 degrees, 80 degrees and so on.

In fact, the truth is this: 63-degree tin is the best ratio of lead and tin, the lowest melting point of 183 ℃. And why there is no higher than 63 degrees tin lead it? This problem is much simpler, because the price of tin is much higher than the price of lead, 63 degrees has been so easy to use, and then a high number of tin is not only expensive, but tin is not easy to use.

For lead-free tin wire is the most used tin content of 99.3% copper 0.7% of the tin line, the other there are silver tin line, low-temperature tin line. These tin lines are required to achieve the conventional lead-free tin can not achieve the effect of production and research and development. For example, low-temperature tin wire, tin content of low-temperature tin wire is 42%, although low-temperature tin wire welding effect is not very good, but because of its melting point is only 138 ℃, soldering can avoid some components can not withstand high temperature and burn . However, its solder joints are rather brittle. Conventional lead-free solder wire is well soldered but its melting point is as high as 217 ° C. This is irreplaceable, there is no comparability.

It can be seen from the above, the amount of tin content does not completely determine the solder wire solder effect, choose their own solder wire is a good solder wire.

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