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The same lead-free tin alloy composition, the price difference between the big?

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The price of tin wire mainly has its alloy composition, technical difficulty and difficulty of production decision.

Lead-free tin on the market more commonly used lead-free solder wire with silver and lead-free tin line. Silver is a precious metal, so the higher the amount of silver tin line, the higher the price. Conventional lead-free tin composition Sn99.3% Cu0.7%, is the lowest price of lead-free tin.

In technical difficulty, because the market is very mature, so there is no very big difficulty, relative to the stainless steel solder paste this product, the technical difficulty is relatively large, so this solder paste price is higher than other solder paste . Production difficulty, then, the low temperature tin wire in lead-free tin wire is tin-bismuth alloy, which is more difficult to produce and its price is several times higher than ordinary tin wire.

The above is the price of lead-free tin standard, then some of the market price of lead-free tin, its composition, why the price difference? There are many factors

1, the brand factor, the imported brand prices are mostly higher than the domestic brands.

2, the product weight is not the same, the general packaging has 500G / roll, 800G / roll, 1000G / roll and other packaging, the difference between the different packaging prices will be relatively large.

3, the hands of middlemen get goods and manufacturers get goods, middlemen do not know the source is the first few hands, the middle part has profit, the price of natural high.

4, the quality of the goods is not the same, although they are all said the same metal composition, but some goods are recycled materials processed out of its composition and can not meet the ROHS standards, but the price will be much lower.

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