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Different solder paste can be used together?

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Lead solder paste and lead-free solder paste can be used with it?
Here we start with the composition of solder paste products, solder paste is divided into lead solder paste and lead-free solder paste. As the name implies, lead solder paste is the solder paste containing lead (Pb). Lead-free solder paste, also known as environmentally-friendly solder paste, is in need of RoHS-compliant solder paste. Because the RoHS standard to make a clear lead, the lead content of its products can not exceed 1000PPM, it will be called a lead-free solder paste. When it comes to it, it is obvious that there is a lead-free solder paste that can not be mixed with a lead-free solder paste because the lead-free solder paste meets RoHS standards. Mixed with the consequences of the product can be exported will also be unqualified.

Then there is the same solder paste can be mixed with it?
Here, we need to refine the metal composition of solder paste. We know that the lead solder paste metal composition is generally tin (Sn), lead, silver (Ag) composition. In general, tin-lead solder paste back more, and occasionally add some silver. The purpose of silver is to increase the electrical conductivity, silver and silver if there is not mixed with lead solder paste, silver solder paste will dilute the proportion of the resulting product performance is not expected to do well. Because mixed solder paste change the proportion of solder paste composition, resulting in less than expected product effect, so different lead solder paste can not mix with.

So is the same lead-free solder paste, can be mixed with it?
Here we give an example, high-temperature lead-free solder paste is tin silver copper composition, low temperature solder paste in order to reduce the melting point, joined the bismuth (Bi) this metal, its composition is tin bismuth two. If they are mixed, the melting point will inevitably change so that the desired melting point can not be achieved. So that it can not melt in the expected temperature, and bismuth-containing solder paste solder paste is also more brittle, the welding effect decreased. So in the usual use of solder paste is best not to mix.

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