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Characteristics and Application of Lead - free Environmental Protection Paste

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Lead-free environmentally friendly solder paste is in accordance with the IEC halogen-free standards, the EU "RoHS" standards and the United States IPC-TM-650 standards, the new high oxidation modified rosin resin and composite anti-oxidation welding environmental protection technology. Selection of low-oxidation rate of spherical solder alloy powder and high thermal stability of the high thixotropic rheological paste environmentally friendly flux, patented technology from the high-tech Paste mixer refining. Suitable for electronic assembly SMT industrial production of various reflow high-precision welding.

Lead-free solder paste has the following characteristics:
(1) the melting point of 138 ℃
(2) good wettability, bright and uniform spot full
(3) Wuxi solder ball and tin bridge produced reflow
(4) long-term paste life, stencil printing long life
(5) Suitable for a wide process and rapid printing process
(6) excellent printability, eliminating the printing process of missing potholes and knot fast phenomenon

Solder paste is a flux, one is to isolate the air to prevent oxidation, the other to increase the capillary action to increase the wettability, to prevent Weld, solder paste: white crystalline powder. Content of 99.0%, acid value 0.5mgKOH / g, mp 112 ° C soluble in ethanol, isopropanol. A no-clean solder paste for today's SMT production process. The use of a very small amount of oxidation of lead-free alloys with less active flux paste preparation, the viscosity can meet the printing and point coating process, a wide range of applications.

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